Wonderful view of the historic Chain Bridge.

The building of the Hungarian Parliament is very beautiful, many people visit and admire ita

Have a look about IT, there are a few pictures here

Here is the Hungarian flag, red, white and green. The flag is decorated with a coat of arms
Margaret Boulevard, tram track renovation

My country, my country, you all! I know I owe you everything. Gold fields, silver rivers, Hero drenched in blood, flooded with tears. Aching wounds are forgotten by Bán, Sobbing, but serving the sacred good of his people. My Hungarian, you all! For you, I will surely die, My Holy Hungarian homeland!

There are statues in front of the Hungarian Parliament, Lajos Kossuth, Kálmán Tisza, …
Mammut Shopping and Entertainment Center
Hre there is a cavalry statue on the Danube
A pond in Budapest

Sports, exercise, and relaxation in nature are loop important to us

You can eat at many places in the capital of our beloved country, if you are hungry or thirsty.

Braised bacon, freshly baked, with soft bread and pickles
Budapest is a beautiful historical city

rider galloping over our heads

behind us are boats and swimmers on the Danube
spacious squares, quiet streets